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I’m Back

In the midst of a pandemic, I’ve discovered so much more about myself. I’ve learned things that only a time like this could provide me with insight on. Blessed with numerous job opportunities, I’ve been able to finally get a home in which it’s my first house. Apartments have been home for years, but nowContinue reading “I’m Back”


Coronavirus No Lime

Sadly, Coronavirus has found it’s way directly into this US. It was inevitable, we all knew. On the other hand, it’s extremely alarming when you bodies within the government can’t agree on the imminent threat level. Imagine you’re a civil living in a country where the CENTER not left nor right, BUT THE CENTER FORContinue reading “Coronavirus No Lime”

Top 10 Pet Peeves

There are many things in the world that make people tick. Often we share those common interests and have dubbed it the name “PET PEEVES”. Although I’m not sure why it’s called pet peeve since usually pets are fun and you like them. 🤔 Touching me while talking to me. I’m sure we can allContinue reading “Top 10 Pet Peeves”

Bussy Bad Azz Denied Access to Local Planet Fitness

Most times, when you hear about stories like these you sit back and wonder….Wow. Feeling weak after commenting on other people’s affair, Boosie went to seek strength ironically in a “No Judgement Zone” sanctuary, Planet Fitness. I’m sure we all have our opinions on Planet Fitness , but today they are the MVPs. It’s noContinue reading “Bussy Bad Azz Denied Access to Local Planet Fitness”

ATTN: Facebook University

Dear Facebook University, where is your accreditation? Please tell me where you applied to purposely not mind your business? It seems as though everyday FU is producing more and more people from their Scholars of Ignorance Program. Trust me I understand the school is very busy providing insightful theories on murders faster than the actualContinue reading “ATTN: Facebook University”


Pop Smoke was brutally murdered during a home invasion in his Hollywood Hills home. He was known for working with big names such as Travis Scott & Nicki Minaj remixed one of his featured songs. She and 50 cent have reached out via social media. Right before the shooting, you can see him posing withContinue reading “POP SMOKE MURDERED”

Breaking News: President’s Day

Donald Trump has tweeted, “if i’m not your president, then don’t take the day off….YOU MUST REPORT TO WORK.” This has come to a complete surprise as many Americans are asleep during this candid holiday. Don’t be surprised of your HR department calls you in for a “survery”. Stay tuned for later news breaking reports.

It’s a No Chaka Kahn

When you apply to a job using a fake resume & actually get hired! #NBAAllStar2020 — King Lannister (@kingthagman) February 17, 2020 She is a legend. She is an icon. She is every woman. Tonight just seemed like she was channeling a “higher” being. She graced the microphone in a fashionable bedazzled jersey dress.Continue reading “It’s a No Chaka Kahn”


Incase you are still asleep, don’t worry…I got you. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough ripped into the tornado that is Gayle King. What started with an aggressive tone, quickly turned into a fiery RAGE from Scarborough. “Where is VIACOM?”, he persistently shouted. His co host, Mika Brzezinski sat beside him in complete and utter shock. As heContinue reading “A BLACK WOMAN IN FEAR”

GALentine’s Day

Galentine’s Day is here and it’s EVERYTHING that it sounds like. With Valentines Day vastly approaching let’s not forget what the day before is. G’Day is all about women celebrating other women! I was raised completely around women so I had a first hand look on how they interacted. Everything is detailed. Nothing is outtaContinue reading “GALentine’s Day”

March 8th

This upcoming International Women’s Day, I’m partnering with World Food Program USA in making the #Pledge4Moms. Above is a photo of my mom, Tamara Boyd. Sadly, she gained her wings from a car accident. She left three children. I am the oldest of the three so naturally I feel like it affects me the most. Until I beganContinue reading “March 8th”

America’s Father

Kobe Bean Bryant Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve always wanted a father. As a child, I wasn’t naive enough to believe he didn’t exist. Even at that age, I was able to fully grasped the concept of the potential reasons why he wasn’t present. Naturally, my superwoman of a mom dedicated herContinue reading “America’s Father”

Awkward Social Hacks

How to Become a Social Butterfly Effortlessly Trust me….I don’t strive for the center of attention. It just came to be one day after I woke up and decided to become absolutely UNAPOLOGETIC! Once I made up my mind, “not everyone will like you” and “you only get one life, no do overs”, is whenContinue reading “Awkward Social Hacks”

My First Blog Post

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. Honestly that quote was in the default theme, but I felt it was necessary to talk about my next point. Life itself is a mere reflection of…well itself. We evolve simply off of mere imitation. Like a complex virus, we copy but improve with eachContinue reading “My First Blog Post”

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