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About King

Memphis, TN

King Jones

Tamara Boyd, my beautiful mother

My History

Born and raised in Memphis, TN. Home of the BBQ & Blues, Hustle & Flow, and surprisingly Justin Timberlake. 27 years old and married(I young right?). Independent millennial. My audience is based off of personal relationships and networking. I am a strong believer that life is full of opportunities in which if you don’t apply you wont even begin to learn what’s out there. I attended the University of Memphis for a semester and decided I wouldn’t go the traditional debt accumulating route. Instead, I opted for a more spiritual path in which I learned who I was first and applied myself to society accordingly. I am very outspoken, sociable, passionate about thing I love and enjoy. I co-own a fitness company with my husband as well as market for various brands around the globe. Life for me has had it’s ups and down, but my most tragic moment was when my mom passed. It’s an experience which overtakes who you are and mold you into who you are going to be forever. In a sense, it’s as if you’re thrown out of a plane without a parachute and you can survive but you have to figure out the way with no help. I have two younger brothers in which my only goal in life is to do anything that helps them succeed and become prosperous. Many of my joys come from my daughter(dog) Hennessy. She is 3 months and is a fiery ball of happiness exuding light wherever she goes. My purpose for this blog is to purge my thoughts in hopes of either helping someone become informed, making someone smile or laugh, or just giving a sense of empathy to know that they are not alone in this world. As I always say “exploration always lead to finding great things…”

“Speak up. A closed mouth doesn’t get fed”

Tamara Boyd, Mom

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