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King's Kingdom Lifestyle Guide & Tips

Be You. Be Original. Love Honestly.

Self care is extremely important. Often we as a human race get inadvertently catch in the day to day hustle and bustle of working a job, trying to allocate time for family, social with friends, all while trying to make time for YOURSELF. If you wrote everything you did down on paper, you wouldn’t believe what you put yourself through, hence the purpose of this blog space. I’m writing down aspects of my life in hopes that it hopes that it serves as somewhat of a guide to yours. If your life is perfect, this isn’t the blog for you.


This series covers relationships from single status to married status. The little corks are now exposed and uncovered. Nothing is left unanswered.

The Exposing Series

The exposing series has different topics that were researched using “subjects” from all walks of life. These were our best sellers.

Toxic Friendships

Use this guide and you may uncover some TOXIC people around you that you never knew existed. WARNING – This book isn’t for the weak. It will reveal home hitting things about people you may aren’t ready to deal with.

“The enemy lies within, not without.”

King d jones

“This is pretty epic.”

kashmere kollections featuring King d jones

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Introvert turned social butterfly that shape-shifted into an introverted social butterfly hybrid. Like Beo Wolf. You know the movie?

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