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NATIONAL MARGARITA DAY is right around the corner. It is non-surprisingly the most anticipated day of the year. Lets not forget you must be 21+ to participate in this noble tradition.Whether you like it blue, orange, red, or just plain classy, Nat’l Margarita Day has something for you. The savory taste of sweet & sour and lots of TEQUILA almost makes your mouth salivate. Are you a salt rim or a sugar rim? To spice mine up I simply ask for two cherries at the bottom. It gives you a limeade kind of feel. I often drink margaritas because I know that it gets me where I want to go. While there are numerous ways to construct a margarita, “Half&Half” is my favorite. It’s a little on the rocks and a little bit of frozen, creating an adult slushy. Trust me if you haven’t had one, February 22th needs to be marked on your calendar. And for more in-depth details and statistics about Nat’l Margarita day visit .

Are you like me and love to celebrate ALL holidays but have a hard time keeping up with them? Visit for more information. Be sure to use hashtag: #MargaritaDay to let us see those tasty looking drinks.


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