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GALentine’s Day

Carmelo Anthony is HAPPY!

Galentine’s Day is here and it’s EVERYTHING that it sounds like. With Valentines Day vastly approaching let’s not forget what the day before is. G’Day is all about women celebrating other women! I was raised completely around women so I had a first hand look on how they interacted. Everything is detailed. Nothing is outta place. And the fun meter is cranked to the MAX. Didn’t plan for it? Don’t worry here are some tips to get you and your girls moving and grooving! Also check out National Today Landing’s page for more…

Set up a picnic in the park. 

Grab a chilled bag, fill it up with ice and pack it with wine, fruit, & cheese for a gal’s fun in the sun day. 

Plan an at home mani/pedi day

Makeover is an understatement because you girls are professionals! You each take turns making each other up. Give each girl a turn to be the “star” and make her over until each it done. 

Gal Bar Crawl

Uber to your favorite bar district and let loose! Each gal gets a bar and everyone has to order the drink of choice from each one! 

Yoga Session

Galentine’s Day is all about celebrating with your gals so why not help them relax with a nice yoga session. Stretch those stresses away and live in peace together. 

Not the outdoorsy type…cool I got you..

Netlfix & Gals

Grab your favorite snacks, best gals, and your most comfortable onesie. You each bring a dish to fill the “concession stand”. Delegate 1 snack person. They will be the most useful. No one wants to be hungry during a good show. Everybody chooses their favorite show or movie and you all each takes turns.

Show your Galentine’s Day fun using #GalentinesDay in your social media pictures!!

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