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America, Home of the Hopeless

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I grew up in the 90’s. It was a joyous time. Often we went outside and played until the street light came on of course. Our friends would have sleep overs and we’d eat pizza. For the majority, people were safe and had some, and I used that term lightly, sense of security. I never questioned my safety as an American until 9/11. I was in elementary school in music class. My teacher, Ms.Johnson received a phone call and immediately went into a panic. We were watching a movie that day, but it was violently interrupted by her frantically trying to find the news station. All the children sat in confusion, not knowing why Ms.Johnson was shaking and panicking in the first place. I can’t remember the channel, but I’ll never forget the reporter’s voice. As a child, I watch not 1, but 2 planes crash into the World’s Trade Center in New York. At that very moment, I was terrified. I experienced an emotion so uninhibited to my subconscious, I almost couldn’t breathe. It is a period in my life that I will never forget and vividly recall.

Nineteen years and two presidents later, Mr. 45 decides to begin the New Year off with a bang, LITERALLY. Imagine waking up and pouring a cup of coffee listening to the MSNBC break news that 45 has bombed & killed Iran’s GENERAL Soleimani. After I wiped the spilled coffee from the countertop, I immediately immersed myself into research looking for any indication of a pre-warned attack of any sort. There wasn’t any. The person helping 45 make decisions even admitted to giving him the option to strike was merely an option in which NO ONE on the White House team thought he would select. Ironically, we all know how this ends. On the other hand, what about Iran? Iran vowed to retaliate at all costs. Their country came out in waves to support their general’s death, as any country would. And for once, everyone in America had compassion. Americans across all social platforms consoled Iranians to assure them we have no issue with them. Subsequently, Iranians bellowed they didn’t have an issue with Americans either, it was 45 they wanted. I, as I’m sure many Americans, waited from a response to the Soleimani attacks. The replied with 3 missiles and there it was. The feeling I felt from 19 years ago came over me like chickenpox. I felt defeated. I felt like I’ve worked my life away paying into retirement, paying into social security, being a good citizen of America just for ONE incompetent fool to risk an entire country’s life for his own political agenda. It saddens me. It sickens me. Hopefully, next presidency we can have someone with actual knowledge of foreign affairs, policy making, and governing the state instead of someone who’s hardest job was reading from a TV Script just to say “You’re Fired”. Well guess what Mr. 45….after this term “YOU’RE FIRED”!


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