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March 8th

This upcoming International Women’s Day, I’m partnering with World Food Program USA in making the #Pledge4Moms. Above is a photo of my mom, Tamara Boyd. Sadly, she gained her wings from a car accident. She left three children. I am the oldest of the three so naturally I feel like it affects me the most. Until I began to watch my baby brother struggle in school. My aunt heroically stepped up to task of caring for him. She provided a stable environment in which he was familiar with to try to “adjust”. Not to mention, she has a complete family of her own. Tamika, my mother’s sister, was newly married with 2 boys and 3 girls. How she is able to keep everything together and control her sanity is beyond incredible. Surprisingly, she gets up and goes to work everyday. Strength and resilience like that should NEVER go unnoticed. Unfortunately, a tragedy like this is very difficult to shake. Throughout our life my mom worked countless jobs to provide for the family she was given and never let us see her pain. Now that I’m older, I often cry about how hard life really is and how she did it so effortlessly. Her family was her pride and joy, she didn’t see it as a task. Whoever came up with the phrase “A mother’s touch” was definitely spot on with the wording. It’s literally nothing like it! She was fearless, knowledgeable, & would sacrifice anything for her children. Join me March 8th and let’s uplift strong women around the globe for sacrificing daily to provide for themselves & children. Please don’t forget about women in the world’s hungriest places. Visit to check out more information. #WomenAreHungrier #UniteToFightHunger


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