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America’s Father

Kobe Bean Bryant

Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve always wanted a father. As a child, I wasn’t naive enough to believe he didn’t exist. Even at that age, I was able to fully grasped the concept of the potential reasons why he wasn’t present. Naturally, my superwoman of a mom dedicated her life to make sure I would always feel loved and appreciated, no matter the circumstances. All the males in my family loved sports so I as I child I watched sports with my uncles and cousins. I was born in ’92 and “The Black Mamba” join the league in ’96, 13th overall pick in the NBA Draft. Growing up in my family, we played & watched a lot of basketball. There were only two kids in my neighborhood who had basketball goals. It was a kid down the street named PJ and I. From either end of the street, on any given day, you could hear kids yelling “KOBE” every time they released a shot. It was a hidden rule ALL skilled basketball players know that guarantees you a clean bucket. To me as a child he stuck out the most. It was something about the way he played with so much confidence. He had a sense of pride in what he did. And you could most definitely tell he practiced because he brought it to the court every single time. What was even more fascinating is he abilities off the court. The man could speak THREE languages. He has traveled across the world. He most certainly was an excellent business man. Little do most people know, he even had a rap career. Most importantly, he loved his family with every single fiber in his body. The way he spoke about his daughters was the way any child, boy or girl, would want from a father. He exemplified what I feel should be a blueprint to fathers all around the world. If a nationally known, professional basketball player who not only plays games, but dedicated countless hour giving back to giving to people, can come home and be an amazing DAD at the same time without dropping a beat…..anybody can do it.


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