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Awkward Social Hacks

How to Become a Social Butterfly Effortlessly

Rocking A Karaoke Show!
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Trust me….I don’t strive for the center of attention. It just came to be one day after I woke up and decided to become absolutely UNAPOLOGETIC! Once I made up my mind, “not everyone will like you” and “you only get one life, no do overs”, is when I begin to make choices that inadvertently drew people to me without even reaching out.

  • Don’t stress about what someone “would” say.
  • Wear what you want! With today’s society of fashion and styles of the season, what you wear can definitely put pressure on going certain places with defined demographics.
  • Find your aesthetic and stick to it! If you like a certain thing, don’t be ashamed of speaking up for it or showing it off. You’d be surprise who shares common interests with you but are afraid to speak up. If you provide the pathway for that opportunity people feel at ease and will chime in because they share similar interests.
  • Ditch the dating apps. I’m not saying those relationships don’t last long. I’m saying that it possesses greater potential to not work rather than it does working. Meeting someone organically can spark a genuine interest vs “interpretation imagination” as I like to call it.
  • Try new things. You’d be surprise to meet other people who are on the same path as you or trying things as well. Common interests alone induce the need to naturally talk to learn the environment around you.

Three points updated daily. Come back tomorrow!


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