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I’m Back

In the midst of a pandemic, I’ve discovered so much more about myself. I’ve learned things that only a time like this could provide me with insight on. Blessed with numerous job opportunities, I’ve been able to finally get a home in which it’s my first house. Apartments have been home for years, but nowContinue reading “I’m Back”


CORONAVIRUS Claims 1st US Victim

This is wayyyy more serious than you think. Think of the earth as a human being. When a human gets sick, it’s body immediately tries to fight the infection. The earth is slowing dying and the only thing it can do it try protect itself seeing as though humans don’t care. The first person hasContinue reading “CORONAVIRUS Claims 1st US Victim”

Is The Coronavirus A Pandemic?

Throughout my 27 years of living on earth, I’ve personally witness more than a dozen viruses come and pose some sort of a threat to the welfare of the public. This is by far the most disturbing case. If you’re thinking lightly about this situation or pushing it aside because you’ve only heard about itContinue reading “Is The Coronavirus A Pandemic?”

Bussy Bad Azz Denied Access to Local Planet Fitness

Most times, when you hear about stories like these you sit back and wonder….Wow. Feeling weak after commenting on other people’s affair, Boosie went to seek strength ironically in a “No Judgement Zone” sanctuary, Planet Fitness. I’m sure we all have our opinions on Planet Fitness , but today they are the MVPs. It’s noContinue reading “Bussy Bad Azz Denied Access to Local Planet Fitness”

ATTN: Facebook University

Dear Facebook University, where is your accreditation? Please tell me where you applied to purposely not mind your business? It seems as though everyday FU is producing more and more people from their Scholars of Ignorance Program. Trust me I understand the school is very busy providing insightful theories on murders faster than the actualContinue reading “ATTN: Facebook University”


Taxes will not be issued this year due to everyone upset about Zaya. Gay people within the IRS have united together to single-handedly STOP processing. “This will teach em to mind they business”, quoted one gay employee. Even formerly incarcerated rapper, “Bussy Bad Azz” has chimed in one the matter. Americans are in uproar, newContinue reading “TAXES WILL NOT BE RELEASED”