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Is The Coronavirus A Pandemic?

Throughout my 27 years of living on earth, I’ve personally witness more than a dozen viruses come and pose some sort of a threat to the welfare of the public. This is by far the most disturbing case. If you’re thinking lightly about this situation or pushing it aside because you’ve only heard about it being in another country…you’re already at risk. Now is the time more than ever to make sure you take precautions in everything you do. If you are around anyone sick with cold symptoms, you should definitely evaluate the situation. According to ABC News, it has spread over seas with more than 2,000 confirmed cases in more than 30 countries. Health officials are trying their best to combat a wide spread effect in the United States, but know seeing it’s in S. Korea, Iran, & Italy, they don’t know it could be controlled at the border. The White House reports the threat as “low”, but are simultaneously gathering 1.25 billion dollars in emergency fund to assist against the virus. It may not be today or tomorrow, but the COVID-19, the virus’s official name, is definitely on a world tour and is trying it’s best to leave an impression on every country it invades.


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