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Rapper “The Game” Supports Zaya

Photo Credits: XXL Magazine

Compton rapper , The Game, took to video to express his thoughts about the icon, Dwyane Wade. “It’s fucking amazing”, he calmly explains in the very beginning of the video. This may come to a surprise to many fans as he is known for being very aggressive and rough around the edges, but to the rest of the world he is another sane soul. He also talked about how as a parent, especially a father you should support things your kids want to do. The amount of acceptance Wade has shown, has shook the earth to its core. It single-handedly exposed homophobia on a far greater scale. Additionally, it shows how far we’ve come from minding our own damn business. It’s perplexing to watch men and women alike who aren’t even sub par parents ridicule a man who wants to be attentive to his daughter and show her unconditional love. A plethora of people weren’t shown that love as a child and it definitely shows.


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