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Social Media Trends: VDAY Edition

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It’s 2020 and yet again another #trending type of holiday is upon us. Nail shops are packed like sardines with hopes of people thinking their FINALLY getting that ring. If it’s true, they surely don’t want to miss the opportunity to instantly capture the moment to flex on all of their single friends via social media. Let’s not forget the “loud criers” as I call them. Proclaiming to social media how lonely they are and how they will be their own’s Valentine this year….trust me we know. At the same time, this is a pivotal point in new couples relationships’ because sadly the masses are lead to believe the more money spent is the amount of love shown. As devastating as this sounds, it’s true. Most times, people who are less fortunate often feel pressured by society to simply “ball out”, however if genuine love was reciprocated at home there would be no pressure at all. Ultimately, this is all put into effect to generate money out of the public and gives the masses something to celebrate. You know people love to celebrate things that aren’t real….


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