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Love Day Is Over…What’s Next?

Face Yourself

Valentine’s Day is over. And this year was different. There was definitely a decrease in love and affection shown online this year. I’ve done a little bit of researched via Facebook & IG posts and narrowed it down to one of two factors.

The first conclusion I reached was that most couple are beginning to adapt an almost invisible social media presence. Not long ago, there was a “moving in silence” era that swept the nation. People all over America were vowing to make MAJOR moves in silence, but all of them strangely were doing the exact opposite of what they proclaimed to want to do. The movement inevitably was adopted by the relationship gurus and immediately put into practice. Couples far and wide decreased the mentions of each other via posts & pictures. We went from knowing when one would wake up and go to sleep to not knowing if they were together anymore. People were getting so good at this method to where it sparked an abundance of controversy. Essentially, no one knew who was together anymore because social media, for a brief moment, became obsolete in knowing about a person’s life. In contrast, it was short lived because there is NO ONE on social media who can resist the sweetest temptation which is spilling your guts to a entity composed of codes and senseless ads.

The second part to my theory was that no one really gives a fuck about anything anymore. It’s sad, but it’s true. As I’m writing this story, I am now understanding why older people said kids are so innocent. I can remember a time where I truly didn’t worry about anything & my biggest disappointment was not being able to go play basketball outside. Now I’m trying my best to just stay ALIVE. If being in a relationship was taught in school it still could not prepare you for the shit-show the real world throws at you. With that being said, you become completely numb to any and everything… as you’re waking up mid March you notice your Christmas tree is still up type of IDGAF. And once you’re at that point..being single on Valentine’s Day is a BREEEZE.


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