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Incase you are still asleep, don’t worry…I got you. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough ripped into the tornado that is Gayle King. What started with an aggressive tone, quickly turned into a fiery RAGE from Scarborough. “Where is VIACOM?”, he persistently shouted. His co host, Mika Brzezinski sat beside him in complete and utter shock. As he shouted he simultaneously threw newspaper from his table into the air, floor, and unto other members on set. One paper was thrown so vigorously, Al Sharpton had to stop it with his hands to keep from causing a scene. Brzezinski tried her best to regain composure of the set, but Scarborough was fired up. Other panelists chimed in claiming Snoop Dogg’s verbal attack on King was very inappropriate and credited the rhetoric to Donald J. Trump, shocking SHOCKING news. Al Sharpton quickly rushed to Gayle’s almost ignoring the facts at hand. He expeditiously skated through what King did to justify and embrace the notion of his superior peers.

In conclusion, no one is arguing that Gayle wasn’t wrong in the interview because she was. She know she was. And I’m sure we know that without a doubt. I mean come on, lately she has picked the most controversial interviews of the decade. On the other heavenly hand, no one life should be threatened for simply doing what they are paid to do. Takeaways? Gayle needs to know when to pick and choose her battles And Snoop needs to not throw his gang rank around so loosely.


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